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Beat the summer rush and book a cruise in the spring. Enjoy a relaxing holiday along one of England’s prettiest canals as it wakes from its winter slumber.

From late March to May the dry, temperate days, and quiet canals are perfect cruising conditions to take the tiller for a self-drive narrowboat holiday on Blue Otter. As the days become longer, birdsong can be heard from every branch, and daffodils, bluebells and wild garlic bloom their radiance on every canal bank, while signets and ducklings learn explore their new world. Picturesque at any time of the year, this is when narrowboat season begins.

Located in the historic town of Skipton, Blue Otter is perfectly positioned to uncover the some best of England’s oldest canal culture and history with a 6-day cruise from Skipton to Leeds and back. Discover a Polish Airmen’s Memorial less than an hour into your journey, cruise through picturesque, old mill villages, stay the night at the top of the Bingley Five-Rise locks. Take the Canal & River Trust guided lock-keeper tour through the locks the following day and continue cruising for a couple of days through the UNESCO heritage town of Saltaire, idyllic Apperley Bridge, and discover just how wonderful Leeds can be. Visit world-famous museums, award-winning gastronomy, music bars and pass by remarkable historic sights and attractions, before doing it all again in reverse. As you navigate through the idyllic Leeds to Liverpool canal, expect to see the wetlands coming to life with fish and birds. A week on Blue Otter is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with this exciting and engaging exploration of Leeds’ long history of innovation, and surround yourself with nature.

As the title suggests, expect a lot of laughs as you delve into the weird and wonderful history of this unique city. Five days on Blue Otter is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with this exciting and engaging exploration of Leeds’ long history of innovation. Believe it or not, Leeds has shaped the world we live in through scientific discoveries, brilliant inventions and momentous events.
Things didn’t go as planned when the eccentric football manager Brian Clough decided to take on Leeds United. It was 1974, and he only lasted 44 days as Leeds manager.
Written with insight and humour, this novel tells us that the past is never truly dead and can always come back to haunt you. Beginning with a moment of madness in Leeds’ Merrion Centre, the reader learns just how quickly a person’s life can be changed forever.