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Opened in 1774 the Bingley Five Rise Locks  are a bucket list experience for many a boater old and new to the canals.

A spectacular feature of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal this unique 5-rise staircase has a total rise of 60 feet. It can be reached with a full day (8hours) cruising day from Skipton, and are located just under half-way between Skipton and Leeds.

Staircase locks can be a head-scratching puzzle to navigate, but the good news is that the Bingley Five Rise locks are supervised by a lock keeper to help boaters on the descent and ascent. Only a few hundred yards downstream is another staircase – this time a 3-rise flight, with a fall of 30 feet, and the lock keepers will help boaters through these too.

Through the summer season, our guests can plan their journey thanks to the Canal & River Trust customer operations team, who will be on site to offer assisted passage through the locks to the following times.
Narrowboat on the ascent of the Bingley Five Rise Locks

Passages down the lock flights between 08:00-10:00, last entry at 09:00
(Mooring overnight is available at the top lock, ready for the first descent)

Passages up the lock flights between 10:00-12:00, last entry at 11:00.

Passages down the lock flight between 13:00-15:00, last entry at 14:00.

Passages up the lock flight between 15:00-17:00, last entry at 16:00.

These timings are to help ensure that the locks are available to as many customers as possible. Please note that the Lock keepers can use their discretion in quiet times to minimise disruption and ensure everyone can enjoy their visit.


As from 1st October, the last entry through these locks will be 3:00pm, due to the reduced daylight hours.

Whether it’s Spring, Summer or Autumn, traversing this magnificent feat of engineering design is a highlight of every Blue Otter Skipton cruise heading east to Saltaire and onwards to Leeds.

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